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Anderson County, Texas

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Anderson County Confederate Pension Files

ETGS members and volunteers have secured all of the Confederate Pension Files from the State Archives.
We scanned the files into a Adobe PDF format and have them available for download.
The following list was found at the following site:

Be aware that the Adobe PDF files can range in size from about 400k to over 18 meg.
The larger size files may taken a while to download especially on a dial-up connection.

File from The Tracings placed in the Archives called
"Anderson County Texas County Court Records Regarding Pensions for Indigent Soldiers and Widows"

Applicant Name File No. Applicant's Husband

File No.

Adams, Robert F. 23834    
Allen, E. P. 11329    
Arnwine, William 00016    
Arthur, James rejected    
Ashley, C. C. (Mrs.) 08950 Ezekial Ashley  
Ashley, Mary 45083 Henry Clay Ashley  
Askew, Dartha Ann 50047 John Dykes Askew  
Avant, L. W. 07130    
Avant, Narsisa E. 51223 Mason Simpson Avant  
Bacon, Ellen M. 14514 John Andrew Bacon  
Ballard, C. Matilda 46647 Andrew Jackson Ballard  
Bars, F. A. (Mrs.) 06202 G. W. Bars  
Barton, Jacob H. 14515    
Barton, Susan A. 30776 Jacob H. Barton 14515
Beard, Cynthia Ellen 14516 John Beard  
Bell, Nancy L. 30985 Uriah Jasper Bell 17273
Bell, Uriah Jasper 17273    
Bennett, Laura 40199 Miles Bennett  
Berry, Mary C. 06199 Darius Berry  
Betts, Frances Jane 24753 James M. Betts 20685
Bickley, Eudora Pauline 45908 S. J. (Jock) Bickley  
Black, Mary C. 36225 John Adams Black  
Boggs, Sallie 23547 Alva Devotie Boggs  
Bordeaux, Rebecca Priscilla 00011 John J. Bordeaux  
Bowen, Selah E. 14517 Wiley Henton Bowen  
Box, Robert D. 43202    
Boyd, Robert Ross 30843    
Boyd, Sarah Rebecca 31354 Robert Ross Boyd 30843
Boyer, Dan 42702    
Bradford, Powell Luke 37430    
Bradford, Scottie Rebecca 39947 Powell Luke Bradford 37430
Bransom, Martha E. rejected Stephen Allen Bransom  
Branson, Mattie Elizabeth 50965 Stephen Allen Branson  
Bridges, E. F. 06374    
Brittain, J. B. 07131    
Broughton, Eliza 29013 William David Broughton  
Brown, Henry Jackson 40169    
Brown, John W. 31269    
Broyles, Sallie 42424 Robert Washington Broyles  
Brumfield, D. C. 13681    
Bryan, Mahaly 33475 James W. Bryan  
Bryan, Rena 22367 John Walker Knight Bryan  
Buck, J. G. H. rejected    
Camp, Burwell Washington 42637    
Camp, Louisa 44031 Burwell Washington Camp  
Campbell, Isabella 17279 William Henry Campbell  
Cantrell, David Martin (Mrs.) 35958 David Martin Cantrell  
Cantrell, Shadrach rejected    
Capps, J. Q. A. 00007    
Capps, Levina 32038 William M. Capps  
Cardell, A. L. 29035    
Carroll, E. J. (Mrs.) 14518 Abner M. Carroll  
Carroll, James Caswell 20469    
Carroll, Mary E. 38087 James Caswell Carroll 20469
Carroll, Thomas Madison (Mrs.) 39630 Thomas Madison Carroll 39103
Carter, E. F. (Mrs.) 14519 Nicholas Carter  
Caskey, L. M. (Mrs.) 14520 William Madison Caskey  
Castle, Calvin Columbus 26357    
Castle, Rachel 30033 Calvin Columbus Castle 26357
Cely, Maggie Jane 45032 John Frank Cely  
Chaffin, Christopher Columbus 26050    
Chaffin, Mariah E. 38837 Christopher Columbus Chaffin 26050
Chambers, Benjamin Franklin 20810    
Chambers, Bettie 52039 Benjamin Franklin Chambers 20810
Chappell, R. M. 25289    
Childress, Abe 32201    
Clendennen, J. M. 00001    
Cleveland, Lucile Neal 12721 William Cleveland  
Coleman, Elijah Lynch 27797    
Coleman, Elijah Lynch (Mrs.) 35606 Elijah Lynch Coleman 27797
Collier, William Austin 32170    
Collins, W. J. 09424    
Cook, Austin Young 11327    
Cook, James Madison, Sr. 19546    
Cook, Sarah A. 21703 James Madison Cook, Sr. 19546
Copeland, C. M. 17275    
Copeland, C. M. (Mrs.) 35248 C. M. Copeland 17275
Cornwell, G. A. 19404    
Cornwell, M. A. (Mrs.) 00020 William Cornwell  
Cotton, Peter Clay 13687    
Cotton, Virginia W. 28071 Peter Clay Cotton 13687
Coursey, J. A. 17270    
Crawford, Elizabeth Ann 18814 William Benjamin Crawford  
Crawford, James P. 14776    
Crisp, John Henry 26808    
Cummings, Bridget rejected Thomas Cummings  
Daniel, Thomas M. rejected    
Davis, Henry 36340    
Davis, J. W. 08948    
Davis, Patsey 14521 Doctor Tinbrook Davis  
Davis, Sallie W. 30761 William Henry Davis  
Davis, William B. 37786    
Day, W. Z. 30822    
Dean, Dosia 41114 Daniel Franklin Dean 12410
Dickey, Jonathan D. 00003    
Dixon, Thomas J. 20174    
Dodson, Martha Emeline 29996 Marion Leonadis Dodson  
Dorsett, Eliza L. 05049 E. L. Dorsett  
Doss, Fannie 12247 Seaborn P. Doss  
Douglas, Dora rejected William Lipscomb Douglas 05264
Douthit, Evan Vandevander 30235    
Douthit, Isabelle 35303 Evan Vandevander Douthit 30235
Duke, E. K. rejected    
Duke, Edmond King 18812    
Duke, Laura J. 21736 Edmond King Duke 18812
Duncan, James Franklin 11785    
Duncan, Mary Walter 19506 James Franklin Duncan 11785
Duval, D. S. 08945    
Duval, Mary E. 07748 T. J. Duval  
Easley, J. C. rejected    
Eilenstein, Josephine M. rejected Bernard Eilenstein  
Elder, Sarah L. rejected Ferdinand Tilman Saunders Elder  
Elrod, Abraham Wesley 25674    
Elrod, Emily 33959 Abraham Wesley Elrod 25674
Elrod, George M. 31293    
Emerson, S. E. (Mrs.) 40448 James Micagah Emerson  
Evans, Charity 27228 Joe Smith Evans  
Evans, Eliza 50460 Henry T. Evans 14522
Evans, Henry T. 14522    
Evans, John Alexander 27229    
Evans, Susannah 40474 John Alexander Evans 27229
Farrar, M. J. (Mrs.) 19688 William Farrar  
Ferguson, Belle 45856 John Thomas Ferguson 23384
Ferguson, John Thomas 23384    
Ferguson, Mary C. 14523 Jessie Jasper Ferguson  
Fields, M. A. 00005    
Fitzgerald, C. A. 33319    
Fitzgerald, Lizzie 33311 John Eldridge Fitzgerald  
Fleet, Belle C. 26230 William Christopher Fleet  
Florey, Ida Day 45968 Lawrence Day  
Freeman, Zedok Andrew 06200    
Friddell, John 00004    
Frizzell, Mattie 49859 Sam Wilson Frizzell  
Funderburk, Sarah A. 07552 Samuel A. Funderburk  
Gage, John L. 11328    
Galloway, C. J. (Mrs.) 09968 W. H. Galloway  
Gambrell, Sallie 28617 Duffey W. Gambrell  
Garland, Rachael E. 26586 William H. Garland  
Garner, A. E. (Mrs.) 13194 J. P. Garner  
Gibson, Louise 09966 George Knox Gibson  
Gilcrease, Bartley Enos 44089    
Gillespie, Sarah 13192 William Gillespie  
Gilmore, Bryant 20885    
Gilmore, Charlotte 29743 Bryant Gilmore 20885
Gist, Isabella 08206 Berry Gist  
Glenn, W. A. 13664    
Glover, Ona (Mrs.) 14524 James Washington Glover  
Godley, Martha Alice rejected John Lawrence Godley  
Goodson, G. T. 14525    
Goodson, M. A. (Mrs.) 00017 R. W. Goodson  
Gordon, James Sheppard 31086    
Gordon, James W. (Mrs.) rejected James W. Gordon  
Gould, George Henry (Mrs.) 40681 George Henry Gould  
Graves, Allie A. (Mrs.) 05129 C. W. Graves  
Gray, James 26498    
Griffith, M. C. (Mrs.) rejected Willis Marion Griffith  
Grigsby, Augusta Eleanor 21317 Roberts Hinds Grigsby  
Grigsby, Daniel B. 29831    
Grigsby, Sallie 38280 Daniel B. Grigsby 29831
Guest, J. A. 29079    
Hamby, Elizabeth Ann 20109 Marshal Hamby 14528
Hamby, Marshal 14528    
Hamilton, I. G. 06201    
Hamilton, Julia Jackson rejected Andrew Kendrick Jackson  
Hammer, Hattie 52089 Sanford Newton Hammer 34208
Hardin, Abraham H. 12249    
Harris, Augusta 19802 William Thomas Harris  
Harrison, John J. 11784    
Harrison, Sarah Ann 20772 Joseph J. Harrison  
Hart, C. C. 14529    
Hassell, Spencer T. 17274    
Hassell, W. J. 14532    
Hassell, William J., Sr. 12722    
Heath, Robert Frederick 13682    
Heath, S. F. (Mrs.) 20646    
Herrington, M. L. (Mrs.) rejected James Jasper Herrington  
Herrington, Mary Elizabeth 32108 William Newton Herrington 23987
Herrington, S. C. (Mrs.) 14530 Elijah Herrington  
Herrington, Susannah rejected Allen Lafayette Herrington  
Herrington, William Newton 23987    
Hewett, M. A. (Mrs.) 14107 J. H. Hewett  
Higginbotham, Laura J. rejected William Franklin Higginbotham 31106
Hill, J. F. 31296    
Hines, Samuel Washington 22498    
Hogg, Holland M. 10578    
Hogg, William B. 10309    
Holdeman, Lucinda 06203 William R. Holdeman  
Holder, Mattie 42918 William Henry Holder  
Holder, W. Henry rejected    
Holloway, Thomas Benton 20645    
Holmes, L. T. 43066    
Honea, Turner H. 31814    
Hopkins, Hardy Thomas 32086    
Hopkins, Mary Etta 51228 Hardy Thomas Hopkins 32086
Hopper, Mary Rebecca 24156 Joshua Thomas Hopper  
Howard, Elijah Samuel 14533    
Howard, Elizabeth Rebecca rejected James Edward Howard  
Howard, Emmaline 43764 Elijah Samuel Howard 14533
Howard, James J. 00013    
Huddleston, Alexander 32424    
Huddleston, F. C. (Mrs.) 14534 John Patrick Huddleston  
Hudson, Elijah 11332    
Hudson, Joe Decen 27376    
Hudson, Joe Decen (Mrs.) rejected Hudson, Joe Decen 27376
Hudson, Sarah Jane 24150 John Elkaney Hudson  
Hudson, Thomas H. 34028    
Hughes, J. C. 08947    
Hughes, Margaret Ann 30629 Isaal Marion Hughes  
Hughes, Martha A. Knowles 40198 Louis B. Knowles  
Hulan, Nancy 37148 Thomas Hopkins Hulan 24028
Hulan, Thomas Hopkins 24028    
Hull, Ruth Jane 33328 Jacob Hull  
Hunter, Nathaniel Wyche (Mrs.) 49070 Nathaniel Wyche Hunter  
Hutchens, Diana Jane 37850 John Thomas Hutchens  
Ingram, L. P. 08949    
James, Abigail B. 34791 Charley (Carlton) Alexander James 25352
James, Carlton (Charley) Alexander 25352    
Jenkins, E. A. (Mrs.) 38248 James Carroll Jenkins 00018
Jenkins, James Carroll 00018    
Johns, Alfred 27831    
Johnson, John Numun, Sr. 23680    
Johnson, Joseph Addison 39600    
Johnson, L. E. (Mrs.) rejected John William Johnson  
Johnson, Lucy J. 23536 Benjamin Williamson Johnson  
Jones, A. G., Dr. 22894    
Jones, Amie Catherine 18813 James Thomas Jones  
Jones, Francis Marion 34382    
Jones, Laura G. 51668 Francis Marion Jones 34382
Jones, Mary J. 43226 Nichlos Long Jones  
Jones, Mississippi 33507 William Jones 14535
Jones, Sophronia rejected H. P. Jones  
Jones, William 14535    
Kennedy, Martha T. 14536 Thomas Kennedy  
Kennedy, T. J. Knight (Mrs.) rejected John Marion Knight  
Kersh, M. A. (Mrs.) 22917 Dan G. Kersh  
King, J. B. (Mrs.) 39934 Samuel Thomas King  
Knight, Mattie K. 39378 Kendred Korter Knight 19020
Knight, William Henry (Mrs.) 35230 William Henry Knight 03698
Knox, Isabell 14537 William Knox  
Knox, Lula rejected Marion Anderson Knox  
Lackey, Mary 13191 Jackson Lackey  
Lackland, J. A. rejected    
Lane, Joe 09431    
Langston, Tennessee 11179 Silas K. P. Langston  
Langston, Willis B. 23887    
Largent, J. P. rejected    
Lawhorn, N. M. 13688    
Lawler, Amanda Elizabeth 37666 Joseph Lawler 21273
Lawler, Joseph 21273    
Laymance, James Richard 00012    
Laymance, Mary Ella 31721 James Richard Laymance 00012
Lee, M. E. (Mrs.) 00019 W. Levi Lee  
Lee, R. L. 14538    
Lewis, James H. 14539    
Lewis, John 08951    
Love, Martha A. rejected William Wilson Love  
Lucas, L. rejected    
Luckett, Joseph Ward 26915    
Luckett, Joseph Ward (Mrs.) rejected Joseph Ward Luckett 26915
Lunsford, Sarah A. 31973 Uriah Williamson Lunsford 23772
Lunsford, Uriah Williamson 23772    
Mack, George 07749    
Mack, Rebecca Jane 14541 George Mack 07749
Matthews, William M. 33488    
McArthur, Sallie White 46042 James Herd White  
McCann, William Robert 28552    
McCarty, Annie J. 00009 John L. McCarty  
McDonald, Lottie E. 49541 Edward Pace McDonald  
McFarlane, Sallie J. rejected Reuben Callaway McFarlane  
McGar, Virginia Taylor 45801 Charles Leith McGar  
McKinzie, Eliza 33434 Oliver McKinzie  
McMeans, Walter Pierce (Mrs.) 46067 Walter Pierce McMeans  
McMullan, E. 05127    
McNeill, H. 14540    
McReynolds, Zachriah Acock 38261    
Mead, Dewitt Clinton 33659    
Mead, Fannie M. 39546 Dewitt Clinton Mead 33659
Mead, M. B. (Mrs.) 07750 W. M. Mead  
Mears, M. E. (Mrs.) 20580 James Madison Mears  
Mergenthal, John 33805    
Middleton, Mary E. 35913 Nathaniel Smith Middleton 25252
Middleton, Nathaniel Smith 25252    
Milam, B. Y. (Mrs.) 37731 Henry M. Milam  
Milam, Bartley Yeager 19876    
Milam, Caroline rejected Bartley Yeager Milam 19876
Milam, John B. 00008    
Milam, Mary E. 28533 John B. Milam 00008
Miles, William Watson 27798    
Miller, M. M. (Mrs.) 35014 James Madison Miller  
Mills, Laura Anne 45232 James Mills 26206
Mills, P. J. 14542    
Milner, Ruth A. rejected George W. Milner  
Mitchell, Sarah C. 23615 William Henry Mitchell  
Montgomery, S. A. 14543    
Moody, John Anderson 33546    
Moody, Minerva 34566 John Anderson Moody 33546
Moore, Elizabeth 17278 Jacob Wesly Moore  
Moore, H. C. 22860    
Moore, Joab Lawrence 30639    
Moore, John W. 49967    
Moore, Mary 35419 William Jasper Moore 21055
Moore, William F. 14108    
Moore, William Jasper 21055    
Morris, Lucy A. 08204 J. W. Morris  
Morris, Richard M. 26478    
Morton, Amanda S. 32749 William Franklin Morton 20647
Morton, William Franklin 20647    
Mosley, William M. 08946    
Moss, Mary Elizabeth 14110 William F. Moss  
Murphey, John rejected    
Myers, I. N., Sr. 29748    
Neal, J. E. 10580    
Neal, L. O. (Mrs.) 24359 William Green Neal 17268
Neal, William Green 17268    
Neel, D. C. 10810    
Nix, Lucinda Jane 20921 William  H. Nix 14531
Nix, William H. 14531    
Noland, W. L rejected    
Oldham, Lodie 20785 John Carter Oldham  
Owens, Mary Elizabeth 43401 Andrew Farrell Owens  
Paine, Drayton (Payne) 14544    
Palmer, Levi 24238    
Parker, John 14545    
Parks, Amanda J. 26779 Robert Caldwell Parks 18811
Parks, Robert Caldwell 18811    
Pate, Thomas B. 13189    
Patrick, Frank Abner (Mrs.) 41938 Frank Abner Patrick  
Patrick, Sophia 43638 Walter Abney Patrick  
Payne, Francis Virginia 38076 Drayton Payne (Paine) 14544
Peck, M. W. rejected    
Perkins, James P. 26918    
Perkins, James Washington 26005    
Perkins, M. A. (Mrs.) 39386 Thomas J. Perkins 13683
Perkins, Thomas J. 13683    
Persons, Kate L. 49078 William Patterson Persons  
Phillips, Flora J. 21370 James Burton Phillips  
Pickle, William Murphy 25680    
Poole, Mollie 43312    
Pouncey, Martha Ann 21949 Frank Pouncey 05381
Power, Arrena 09967 John M. Powers  
Price, Able, Sr. 14546    
Price, Nancy D. rejected Able Price, Sr. 14546
Priester, E. J. (Mrs.) 11782 Reuben Charles Priester 11331
Reuben Charles Priester 11331    
Quarles, Lelia O. 28754 John James Quarles  
Ragland, Mary 18809 Aurelius Ragland  
Ramsey, James E. 24438    
Ray, Thomas Coleman 28623    
Ray, Thomas Coleman (Mrs.) 35299 Thomas Coleman Ray 28623
Redwine, Missouri 51688 Joel Jacob Redwine  
Richards, Ben W. 14547    
Richards, Jemima 24759 Lewis Euphrates Richards 08207
Richards, Lewis Euphrates 08207    
Richardson, A. J. rejected    
Richardson, Andrew J. 17272    
Richey, J. A. 13689    
Riddle, W. S. 13686    
Roberts, A. C. rejected    
Robinson, Frances S. 10809 Wesley Robinson  
Rodgers, N. R. (Mrs.) 00010 Robert Rodgers  
Rogers, James 32239    
Rogers, Martha 41655 Thomas Jefferson Rogers 12089
Rogers, N. M. (Mrs.) 21197 James Benton Rogers  
Rogers, Sallie 30240 Larkin Josephus Rogers  
Roper, Andrew Washington 26074    
Roper, Elizabeth 41528 Andrew Washington Roper 26074
Ross, T. L. B. 14109    
Routh, J. H. 28083    
Royall, A. A. (Mrs.) 13193 Richard Jesse Royall  
Rutherford, Lizzie Grace 22317 Isaac Rutherford  
Sadler, N. F. 31299    
Sammons, E. G. 30197    
Samples Augustus F. 31413    
Scallions, A. D. 13129    
Scarborough, Augusta E. 13685 John L. Scarborough  
Seat, Martha Ann rejected John Bruce Seat  
Self, E. F. (Mrs.) rejected Chestley Self  
Shackleford, F. M. (Mrs.) 26141 William Nettle Shackleford  
Shaid, Reuben Dekalb 14548    
Shaid, Sarah Jane 32379 Reuben Dekalb Shaid 14548
Shandley, Victoria E. 40033 John Arthur Shandley  
Shaver, W. J. rejected    
Shaw, Laura J. 36455 William David Shaw 24682
Shaw, Thomas Ephram 27664    
Shirey, Stephen H. 20954    
Simpson, Mary Ann 45985 Thomas Levi Simpson  
Singletary, Eudora 41211 Isaac Newton Singletary 13188
Singletary, Isaac Newton 13188    
Slaughter, T. B. 17269    
Smith, G. T. 13195    
Smith, John Texas 14549    
Spencer, E. M. (Mrs.) 39686 Thomas Cole Spencer 24171
Spencer, Thomas Cole 24171    
Spraggins, Henry Jackson 10310    
Spruill, Mary B. 39952 James Anderson Spruill 24606
Stafford, Sarah A. 45785 William Jefferson Stafford  
Stanaland, Ella 27334 Samuel Thomas Stanaland 20952
Stanaland, Samuel Thomas 20952    
Starr, Martha Angeline 41726 Perry Starr  
Steadman, Jesse West 17271    
Steadman, Rebecca 40275 Jesse West Steadman 17271
Stedman, B. B. rejected    
Stevens, James Wesley (Mrs.) 39147 James Wesley Stevens 05128
Stevenson, Callie 33172 Edwin Duncan Stevenson 24678
Stevenson, Edwin Duncan 24678    
Stewart, Emma 38360 Charles Ely Stewart  
Still, George W. 13187    
Streety, Reuben Bonner 11330    
Streety, Willie 37267 Reuben Bonner Streety 11330
Tanner, Emily Jane 43465 William Jameson Tanner 14550
Tanner, William Jameson 14550    
Taylor, F. B. 33922    
Thomas, C. E. (Mrs.) 34558 Joe Thomas  
Thomas, Lavonia 40655 Harden San Antonio Thomas 17008
Thompson, Albert 13190    
Thompson, Robert M. 04928    
Thompson, Tillie E. 42483 William Flint Thompson  
Thornal, Nancy J. 30651 Sidney Allen Thornal  
Thornton, F. M. 11333    
Thornton, Nannie 36543 Ethred Worth Thornton  
Thresto, Lenora 47566 William Lumpkin Thresto  
Tippen, B. F. 28162    
Tompkins, Elizabeth Catherine 23740 George Dillard Tompkins  
Tucker, Robert Humphrey 29120    
Turner, Julia Ann Brown 50200 Sam D. Brown  
Turrentine, Joseph Randolph 14551    
Valentine, Joseph 18810    
Valentine, Josephine B. 28541 Joseph Valentine 18810
Van Devender, Sam C. 24317    
Vance, William J. C. 13690    
Vesey, Valerius Leonidas 32028    
Vesey, Valerius Leonidas (Mrs.) 35854 Valerius Leonidas Vesey 32028
Waggoner, Sarah A. 36750 Nathaniel Hassell  
Wagner, Alice V. 41930 Charles George Wagner  
Wagnor, Catharine W. 08205 W. T. Wagnor 06596
Wagnor, W. T. 06596    
Walker, George H. 37415    
Walker, Susan E. 38070 George H. Walker 37415
Wallace, D. H. rejected    
Walston, C. V. (Mrs.) 14552 Hiram Walston  
Walters, Lucinda Martha 21984 Joel Saunders Walters  
Ward, Kate B. 39011 John Jackson Ward  
Watts, Amanda Minerva 17276 John Rufus Watts  
Watts, Eliza A. 14553 Charles Hampton Watts  
Watts, W. J. 26936    
Weatherford, Amanda 40290 John Lewis Weatherford 26483
Weatherford, John Lewis 26483    
Weaver, Isaac Jefferson 00015    
Welborn, Margaret Permelton 37578 Edward Calhoun Welborn  
Welborn, Mellie Letisher 23655 Moses Bowen Welborn  
West, Gillespie S., (Dr.) 04940    
West, Louise Blakesley 10579 Dr. Gillespie S. West 04940
Westbrooks, Nancy rejected William Bazzell Westbrooks  
White, Minnie J. 17277 Wylie Sanford White  
White, Missouri Ann 11783 Hugh Lawson White  
White, Mollie rejected William Ellis White  
Whitehurst, Simon Richard 29677    
Whitescarver, Susan 14554 Jefferson C. Whitescarver  
Whitley, George Washington (Mrs.) 40652 George Washington Whitley  
Wilbanks, Abram Murphy 24257    
Wilkins, Susannah 04929 R. W. Wilkins  
Williams, Paul 33196    
Williamson, Martha L. 21366 Esquire Thomas Williamson  
Williamson, Mary J. rejected W. D. Williamson 14556
Williamson, W. D. 14556    
Willingham, George Belue (Mrs.) 47961 George Belue Willingham  
Wilson, J. R. C. 14557    
Windham, H. H. 14555    
Wolf, E. M. 40085    
Wolf, E. M. (Mrs.) 50947 E. M. Wolf 40085
Womack, J. B. 12248    
Woodard, C. T. 13684    
Woodard, Margarette Ann 21988 Charles Thomas Woodard  
Woolverton, Melzer B. 13196    
Worley, Maria A. 40327 Zachariah Taylor Worley  
Wortham, Mortimer Lafayette 00014    
Wren, W. B. 00002    
Wright, C. F. 00006    
Wright, George Anderson 49206    
Wright, Maggie 33471 Charles F. Wright  
Wright, Mary H. 51661 George Anderson Wright 49206
Wyatt, Mary V. 42051 William Wright Wyatt  
Wyatt, Rosie W. 24002 Silas Moses Wyatt  
Wylie, William 07132    
Young, John, Jr. (Mrs.) 39879 John Young, Jr.  
Young, Mary J. 04930 Thomas J. Young  

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